How to Come up With the Best Chatbot Names

517 Best Chatbot Names That Will Your Customers Love

chat bot names

According to the most recent data from the World Economic Forum (WEF), just 22 per cent of women make up AI professions globally. As well as noticeable geographical differences, there’s a huge gender gap between those who are using AI tools and those who aren’t. If you didn’t receive an email don’t forgot to check your spam folder, otherwise contact support. Artificial intelligence, especially generative AI, is one of the hottest and most talked about technological innovations of modern times. With that in mind, Copilot in Bing has plenty of competition now and will in the future.

  • Instead of the aforementioned names, a chatbot name should express its characteristics or your brand identity.
  • And don’t sweat coming up with the perfect creative name — just giving your chatbot a name

    will help customers trust it more and establish an emotional connection


  • Or, go onto the AI name generator websites for more options.
  • If you’re as excited as we are about how chatbots can grow your business, you can get started right here.

Read our article and learn what to expect from this technology in the coming years. Without mastering it, it will be challenging to compete chat bot names in the market. Users are getting used to them on the one hand, but they also want to communicate with them comfortably.

Everything you need to know about Fin, the breakthrough AI bot transforming customer service

A good bot name can also keep visitors’ attention and drive them to search for the name of the bot on search engines whenever they have a query or try to recall the brand name. Try to play around with your company name when deciding on your chatbot name. For example, if your company is called Arkalia, you can name your bot Arkalious. Read moreCheck out this case study on how virtual customer service decreased cart abandonment by 25% for some inspiration.

chat bot names

It was only when we removed the bot name, took away the first person pronoun, and the introduction that things started to improve. Simply enter the name and display name, choose an image, and select display preferences. The gender of your bot will impact its grammar and acceptance among the target group. Subconsciously, a bot name partially contributes to improving brand awareness.

Decide on Your Chatbot’s Role

Cool names obviously help improve customer engagement level, but if the bot is not working properly, you might even lose the audience. When it comes to naming a bot, you basically have three categories of choices — you can go with a human-sounding name, or choose a robotic name, or prefer a symbolic name. Similarly, you also need to be sure whether the bot would work as a conversational virtual assistant or automate routine processes. If you want your bot to make an instant impact on customers, give it a good name.

chat bot names

It’s in our nature to

attribute human characteristics

to non-living objects. Customers will automatically assign a chatbot a personality if you don’t. If you want your bot to represent a certain role, I recommend taking control. Once you’ve outlined your bot’s function and capabilities,

consider your business, brand and customers.

Once the customization is done, you can go ahead and use our chatbot scripts to lend a compelling backstory to your bot. Plus, how to name a chatbot could be a breeze if you know where to look for help. Your bot is there to help customers, not to confuse or fool them. So, whether you want your bot to be smart, witty, intelligent, or friendly, all will be dependent on the chatbot scripts you write and outline you prepare for the bot. Read our post on 10 Must-have Chatbot Features That Make Your Bot a Success can help with other ways to add value to your chatbot.

Each of these names reflects not only a character but the function the bot is supposed to serve. Friday communicates that the artificial intelligence device is a robot that helps out. Samantha is a magician robot, who teams up with us mere mortals. In total, observed 24 billion visits to AI tools made by users worldwide in the same timeframe – a major growth from previous years. Use the creative mode conversation style in Copilot in Bing when you want to find original and imaginative results.

If a customer knows they’re dealing with a bot, they may still be polite to it, even chatty. But don’t let them feel hoodwinked or that sense of cognitive dissonance that comes from thinking they’re talking to a person and realizing they’ve been deceived. Personalizing your bot with its own individual name makes him or her approachable while building an emotional bond with your customer. You’ll need to decide what gender your bot will be before assigning it a personal name. This will depend on your brand and the type of products or services you’re selling, and your target audience. A chatbot name can be a canvas where you put the personality that you want.

chat bot names

Ideally, your chatbot should be an extension of your company. But names don’t trigger an action in text-based bots, or chatbots. Even Slackbot, the tool built into the popular work messaging platform Slack, doesn’t need you to type “Hey Slackbot” in order to retrieve a preprogrammed response. By naming your bot, you’re helping your customers feel more at ease while conversing with a responsive chatbot that has a quirky, intriguing, or simply, a human name. As your operators struggle to keep up with the mounting number of tickets, these amusing names can reduce the burden by drawing in customers and resolving their repetitive issues.

Avoid Confusion with Your Good Bot Name

What are the ingredients of a modern marketing technology stack? We asked some of the world’s fastest-growing companies to find out. The digital tools we make live in a completely different psychological landscape to the real world. There is no straight line from a tradesman’s hammer he can repair himself, to a chatbot designed and built by a design team somewhere in California (or in Dublin, in our case). Speaking our searches out loud serves a function, but it also draws our attention to the interaction. A study released in August showed that when we hear something vs when we read the same thing, we are more likely to attribute the spoken word to a human creator.






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