How to Read Crypto Charts A Beginners Guide

how to read crypto charts

As a basic part of technical analysis, reading charts should serve as an introduction to understanding the crypto market better through learning more techniques and crypto market factors. Reading candlesticks and charts should not be a participant’s sole basis for forecasting the market. Data Aggregators – sites like CoinMarketCap and CryptoCompare provide cryptocurrency market data, including candlestick charts, fear and greed index, and more for various cryptocurrencies. With such data aggregator sites, you can access charts for different timeframes as well as view other trading data. Such as the asset’s opening and closing price, highest and lowest price, and the price “movement” of an asset — both in long and short-term time windows. This pattern shows a series of three bearish candles with wide enough bodies and short wicks, with some overlap on each other’s starting and closing price ranges.

  1. The market always has price corrections, a kind of breathing period.
  2. When you first start trading cryptocurrencies, you probably want to try every available indicator.
  3. Harami is Japanese for ‘pregnant’, and the candlestick pair resembles a pregnant being.
  4. Meanwhile, a bearish wedge shows two lines with upward slopes and near-convergence at a high point.
  5. One of the main attractions for cryptocurrency trading is the low financial barrier to entry.

The bearish engulfing pattern is a two-candles pattern that shows a momentary transition from buyers being in control to sellers being in control. The first candle is a bullish candle (green) indicating a price increase over the first period; the second is a bearish candle (red) indicating a significant price decrease. Importantly, the second candle is longer than the first, “engulfing” the previous candle’s body.

There are several two-candlestick configurations that can possibly be interpreted as bearish signals. One of these is the bearish engulfing pattern, which basically looks like a bullish harami pattern flipped sideways. Finally, you should look at the angle of any line you’re drawing. A very steep line in either direction is unlikely to be a trend. It’s simply not sustainable for an asset to consistently rise or drop 30% to 40% day over day for an extended period of time.

Market Capitalization

The third candlestick is a long red bearish candle that closes below the midpoint of the first candlestick’s body. This way, the pattern is formed when there is a sharp price increase, followed by a consolidation period, and then a sharp decline. Typically found at the top of an uptrend, it suggests that the bears have taken charge.

You may often see straight lines overlaid on a chart, crossing the apexes of hills or valleys—particularly when someone is analyzing price action or trends. Let’s go a little deeper now, explaining the various data elements of a candlestick chart, and how to use them for crypto trading. A crypto candlestick chart is a visual representation of trading activity for a given crypto asset. Other examples of single-candlestick patterns that can be considered bearish are gravestone doji, bearish spinning top, and bearish marubozu. Other examples of single-candlestick patterns that can be considered bullish are the dragonfly doji and bullish spinning top. Most individual candlesticks contain a pronounced body and a noticeable wick.

how to read crypto charts

I suggest fact-checking project information as often it is not updated on the platform. CoinMarketCap offers basic charting functionality, allowing users to visualise price movements and trends for over 26,500 cryptocurrencies. Like most financial markets, price action will trend upwards (bullish) or downwards (bearish). These cycles are not always easy to understand but mainly driven by market sentiment. For instance, when Bitcoin (BTC) prices rose to almost $20k in December 2017, market sentiment was bullish, and everyone was buying BTC.

Market Timing

The market always has price corrections, a kind of breathing period. If the price trends upwards or downwards, at some point, it will have a price correction by returning to the last price move. A casual remark by an influencer, institutional adoption, new partnerships, a blockchain upgrade or negative news can all cause price action changes.

The goal is to assess the overall sentiment of the crypto community, investors, and the general public’s attitude towards specific cryptocurrencies, market trends, and related events. Finding trendlines in a trending market is easy for beginners, and you can also add support and resistance lines for further confirmation. The challenge with Bollinger Bands is how messy they look on the charts, which can be confusing for newer crypto traders. When you first start trading cryptocurrencies, you probably want to try every available indicator. I advise doing that in a demo account to learn what does and doesn’t work. Another factor to consider is that a crypto’s price does not move in straight lines.

how to read crypto charts

Cryptocurrency trading is probably one of the most challenging financial markets for new traders. However, if you can master the trials and tribulations, crypto trading can be rewarding. In addition, you build a transferable skill to trade other markets such as Forex, commodities, or stock trading. You might think all market activity is unique and random, but there are certain patterns that recur over time.

Conversely, if the points are too far apart, it’s hard to see that the points have anything to do with each other. The green stick means the price has moved up, the red stick means the price has moved down. And as we combine these points with other contributing factors, we can observe the crypto market from different angles. There are a few more tips we’ll cover today that when combined with Dow theory can help to give you a clearer picture of an asset. Jan is a direct response copywriter, SEO writer & case study specialist. Jan became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2016, starting with a small portfolio of coins.

How to Read Crypto Charts: A Beginner’s Guide

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On the horizontal (X) axis is time, and the price is measured on the vertical (Y) axis. To check the price of an asset at a given time, you just have to look for the time you want on the X-axis and look straight up to see the price of the asset at that moment. They work the same way on a digital currency chart as they do while graphing other things that change over time. It’s worth noting that different platforms may offer different charting tools and features, so choosing one that fits your needs and preferences is important. Bollinger Bands are a tool that can be used with an SMA to try and identify how much price volatility can be expected at a given time. If the points are really close together, you’re looking at such a small window of time that it’s impossible to confirm a trend.

Bullish Multiple-Candlestick Patterns

What if that hammer appears after a series of bullish candlesticks? This candlestick is now called hanging man, and it can suggest that the bullish run of an asset’s price has reached its peak. Now that we’ve talked about some of the candlestick patterns you will encounter, let’s get into how they may be interpreted as bullish or bearish. An example of such an unusual candlestick is the marubozu, which is Japanese for ‘bald’. This is a kind of candlestick that has a pronounced body and no wick; hence, its moniker.






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